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National Wine Competition 2019

10. December, 2023

W e would like to share with you the success we have seen these days. As part of the largest wine competition in the Czech Republic, the so-called National Wine Competition 2019, a two-day evaluation of the wines of the Slovácko wine sub-region took place. A total of 562 wines were entered into the competition, of which our B\V winery entered 39 wines. We won 7 major gold medals out of 20 and 12 gold medals out of 126.

Of the 39 wines we entered, 37 of our wines were nominated for the national round of the Wine Salon - National Wine Competition.

We think that the wines with the big gold medal deserve to be listed individually:

  • 1Svatovavřinecké 2015, VZH, č.š. 1533
  • 2Zweigeltrebe 2015, MZV, č.š. 1523
  • 3Veltlínské zelené 2015, PS, č.š. 1509
  • 4Ryzlink Rýnský 2015, VZH, č.š. 1529
  • 5Tramín červený 2016, VZH, č.š. 1616
  • 6Rulandské šedé 2015, VZH, č.š. 1526
  • 7Veltlínské zelené 2017, PS, č.š. 1713A

  We would like to point out that the results confirm our long-term view and approach to our wines. Specifically, that the wines need time to mature into the ideal condition that our medal wines are in right now. All of our medal wines will be available for tasting at the ceremony of announcing the winners of the categories of the National Wine Competition of the Slovácké Subregion. The event will take place on 20.8.2019 from 15.30 in Ratiškovice. Part of this event is an exclusive MASTER CLASS tasting. More information about this unique event in Slovácko can be found on the website, where you can also buy a ticket.  

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