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We defended the Bacchus Madrid and brought back important awards, 4 grand medals and 10 gold medals.

10. December, 2023

T he Bacchus Madrid 2022, the most prestigious wine competition in Spain, took place in Madrid on 25-28 April. This competition is organised under the auspices of the OIV and VINOFED and is one of the most important competitions in the world. Winemakers from the Czech Republic have done exceptionally well here this year, with B\V winery winning 4 major gold medals, 10 gold and 14 silver. In addition, they bring home the award for the best wine from the Czech Republic. The competition was held at the Real Casino de Madrid and it was its 20th anniversary year. "We consider the result a huge success, only 37 major medals were awarded and we managed to win four of them. We were also delighted that the wines we train in French oak barrels came through. We are very happy that we managed to defend our success from last year, when our cellar master Jiří Toman was also named the best oenologist of the whole competition," comments the executive director of B\V winery, Vlastimil Valenta. This year, 1,747 wines from all over the world entered the competition. The wines were judged by 79 selected tasters from 30 countries. The B\V winery won a large gold medal marked as Gran Bacchus de Oro, specifically with the wines NEUBURSKÉ RESERVA 2019, Sauvignon RESERVA BARRIQUE 2019, PINOT GRIS BARRIQUE RESERVA 2019 and PINOT BLANC BARRIQUE RESERVA 2019, which also became the best wine from the Czech Republic. „In B\V winery we subordinate everything to quality and maximum care for the vineyards, grapes and the wine itself. In addition, every wine needs its time. Thus, we also enter wines that are not yet ready for the market, but we verify their quality in the fierce international competition," adds the winery's cellar master Jiří Toman. "It is the wines that were largely not yet planned for release that have been extremely successful. The amazing results of these wines therefore entitle us to release them, at least in part, for sale now, and we are happy to give the wider public the opportunity to taste these successful wines in this way as a matter of priority. We would also like to mention that last weekend, namely on 30 April, these award-winning wines were presented for the first time in most cases in connection with the tenth anniversary of the founding of the B\V winery, as part of the traditional wine tasting held annually in Ratiškovice. We are all the more pleased with this success." adds the director of B\V winery, Vlastimil Valenta.  

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