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We met forces in the "cradle" of Rieslings

10. December, 2023

A t the beginning of June, the world's largest competition of "Rieslings" took place - the Best of Riesling, which is held annually in Germany. It can be said that it is a kind of championship of the "cradle" of Rieslings complemented by the rest of the world. A total of 2,017 wine samples were evaluated. Medals are only awarded to wines that achieve at least 87 points, which are already top wines. We, as one of the few from the Czech Republic, measured our strength against the whole world and achieved a fantastic result. 6 of our wines won medals, which is an excellent result in such a competitive field.

Here are our champions:

  • 1Riesling 2013, No.1315, VZH, semi-dry - 90 points - our now legendary RR and especially the absolute winner of the white wine category of the San Francisco International Wine Competetion 2014. The jury of that time was able to estimate the potential of this then still "baby" Riesling, which today has beautifully grown to almost senior age and with its current success is fulfilling its enormous potential.
  • 2Riesling 2015, No.1506, PS, semi-dry - 90 points - we currently have this RR in the Top 100 of the 2020 Salon des Vins
  • 3Riesling 2015, No.1529, VZH, semi-dry - 88 points - our second most successful wine in terms of international competitions, after RR 1315. Currently on display in the Top 100 of the 2020 Wine Salon
  • 4Riesling Riesling 2016, No. 1608, PS, dry - 87 points - currently Silver Salon Wines 2020
  • 5Riesling 2018, No. 1827, PS, dry - 87 points - still a very young wine for us, but with huge potential
  • 6Riesling Riesling 2018, No. 1828, PS, dry - 87 points - still a very young wine for us, but with huge potential, yet it already has one important silver medal from the most prestigious Spanish international competition Bacchus Madrid
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