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Riesling Late Harvest 2018 Reserva from B\V winery absolute champion of Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2021

20. May, 2024

V Dear friends of good wine, last year when we won the title of the absolute champion of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2020 in the busiest category of white wines, it was a truly extraordinary success for our winery and, in principle, for Moravian wine as such. This competition is one of the most important among winemakers, in other words, it is a kind of wine Olympics. This year we were very tense about how it would turn out and we preferred not to paint anything in advance. At this year's Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, held from 17 to 27 June 2021 in Luxembourg, a total of 10,000 wines from 46 producing countries were entered.

It is, as the popular saying goes, "No fun" to defend a major title like this in such a huge competition. We were all the more delighted yesterday when we received the news in the late evening from Brussels that we had defended our victory, having won the same main category last year with Hibernal, grape selection 2015.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are delighted to present our new champion for 2021, the 2018 Reserva Late Harvest Riesling No.1835. We are very pleased that we have managed to defend last year's title and deliver another major success to Moravia. At the same time, our wines won three more gold and silver medals.

Thank you to our entire B\V winery team and to you, our dear customers, for all your support.

All our awards from this competition:

  • 1Champion of the competition: 2018 Reserva Reserva no. 1835

Gold medail:

  • 1Riesling Late Harvest 2018 Barrique Reserva no. 1854
  • 2Neronet selection of grapes 2015 Reserva no. 1531
  • 3Riesling late harvest 2017 Reserva no. 1709

Silver medal:

  • 1Chardonnay late harvest 2017 Reserva no. 1722
  • 2Frankovka grape selection 2015 Reserva no. 1537
  • 3Riesling late harvest 2018 No. 1826

Have a nice evening and cheers.

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