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15 wines of the 2021 vintage from 1.10. on sale.

10. December, 2023

D ear ladies and gentlemen, 1.10. is the traditional date when we put on sale the wines of the new vintage of the standard series.

As we said last year, our way is a bit different and we are advocates that wines must always be given the right space. The space needed to then deliver them to you in the best possible condition. This year is no different, and while many are already preparing to release young wines from the 2022 vintage, we are only just arriving with the 2021 vintage.

The grapes of the 2021 vintage have ripened as best as they could and we owe this mainly to the weather, which played well with us last year. We have also been able to use our new grape intake line for the first time, where we can guarantee that the harvest is selected to produce only the best grapes. We can now say with a clear conscience that the 2021 vintage is one of the best ever in our relatively short history, and you can now see for yourself. We are sure that each of the wines of the 2021 vintage has its own excellent characteristics and superior standards, in which each of you can find your own.

We give only the best care to our standard range of wines and do not want to speed up any of the processes involved in their creation. You will find wines that are mostly trained in stainless steel tanks, being blended on fine yeast lees for more than 6 months. The wines are then more extractive, fleshier, fuller, more harmonious, more complex, and their sharpness and thinness are reduced. Furthermore, this process makes it possible to reduce the overall sulphur content of the wine, prolonging its life and creating the conditions for its archiving.

All wines can be found right now in our e-shop, take a look at the selection of the standard range of the 2021 vintage, which is really wide this year and order the wines of your taste.

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We hope you'll be as excited as we are and we look forward to tasting the wines and getting your reviews.

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