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Once again we have four wines in the TOP 100 Czech Republic

16. June, 2024

W ithin the framework of the Wine Salon - the national wine competition, the highest and largest wine competition in the Czech Republic, we defended last year's great result in the competition of almost 2400 Moravian and Czech wines entered in this year's competition. A total of four of our wines in the winning hundred wines. Another ten wines won the silver medal of the Wine Salon.

We are particularly pleased with the success of the Rieslings, we have long been convinced of their exceptional quality and consider them the "flagship" of our winery.

 You can buy wines at our You can find them preferably in the category Wine Salon 2020 - gold or Wine Salon 2020 - silver. Unfortunately, not all of our wines are available at the moment, due to the long duration of the competition some wines have already sold out, or we have a quantity reserved just for this competition and the subsequent year-long exposure in the Wine Salon, where you can also purchase our golden wines. Furthermore, we do not sell wines from the exclusive RESERVA range on our bvshop, but you can buy them directly at our winery, or you can contact us by email or by phone 777 665 025. More information about the wines in this range will be available soon on our website and FB.  

The following wines were awarded the Gold Medal:

  • 1Ryzlink rýnský 2015, PS, č.š. 1506
  • 2Ryzlink rýnský 2015, PS, č.š. 1508
  • 3Ryzlink Rýnský 2015, VZH, č.š. 1529
  • 4André 2015, VZH, RESERVA, č.š. 1532A

The following wines were awarded the Silver Medal:

  • 1Müller Thurgau, PS, č.š. 1809
  • 2Ryzlink rýnský 2016, PS, č.š. 1608
  • 3Rulandské šedé 2015, VZH, č.š. 1526
  • 4Tramín červený 2016, VZH, č.š. 1616
  • 5Frankovka – klaret 2018, VZH, č.š. 1811
  • 6Svatovavřinecké 2015, VZH, č.š. 1518
  • 7Frankovka 2015, VZH, č.š. 1536
  • 8Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, VZH, RESERVA, č.š. 1538
  • 9Rulandské modré 2015, VZH, RESERVA, č.š. 1535
  • 10Neronet 2015, VZH, RESERVA, č.š. 1531
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