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High quality ajala chocolate paired with selected wines from the RESERVA range of B\V wineries

December 3, 2021

Dear friends we bring you exceptional combinations of wine and real chocolate that will leave you with the feeling of being carried away by a philharmonic of flavours. We have combined our art with another to create something unique, something that can bring joy and exceptional enjoyment.

We have combined two worlds that bring a wide range of flavours. Worlds where a warm attitude and love for the craft itself is paramount. We are very pleased to present to you a project that we have worked on together for x months. High quality Ajala chocolates, which we have paired with selected wines from the RESERVA range of B\V wineries.

Three wines, three chocolates, your imagination and imagination through the flavours you can discover thanks to this pairing.

  • St. Lawrence 2015 Reserva together with Ajala - Tanzania
  • Andre 2015 Reserva together with Ajala - Haiti
  • Frankovka 2015 Reserva together with Ajala - Madagascar

However, feel free to experiment and combine other red wines from our RESERVA range. We have selected three combinations that we are convinced of, but in our search for them we found countless other interesting flavour combinations.

Inside each chocolate is an instruction on how to properly taste the chocolate and wine. It can be a suitable gift for your loved ones, or just a curiosity about what can actually be discovered through this combination, we'll leave that up to you.

Exclusively available for purchase on our e-shop Chocolates can be purchased together with selected wines or separately. As a reminder, we guarantee delivery by Christmas Eve. We look forward to tasting and seeing how this pairing will affect you.

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